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It is 2 degrees outside, but you can still practice your game

For most of us, traveling somewhere warm for the whole winter season is tough and our golf games feel the impact of staying indoors for 5 months. If you are like me, your game is quite rusty at the start of the spring and it takes some time before you are playing like your old self again. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for us and even though it is 2 degrees outside and snow is up to your knees, this is a perfect time to work on your game.

Several years ago, Kevin Weeks of Golf Digest took into consideration what most of us experience on a yearly basis and wrote of some great training tips and ways to stay sharp in the off season. By practicing and focusing on the fundamentals, your game will transition smoother at the start of the season. What’s great about this is that everything can be done easily in your own living room. Take a look at the below link and give a few of these ideas a try. Your game will thank you for it in April!