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Lessons With The Staff

We are very excited about the 2015 golf season at Seven Oaks.  There is no better way to start your new season off than making sure you are continually improving upon your golf game.  Please take a few minutes to review my lesson rates, special lesson package, and my personal teaching philosophy.

"There is no aspect of being a Golf Professional that strikes my interest more than the study of the swing and the game of golf.  This is a huge opportunity to further the game and promote it with every student that we teach.  There is a great since of joy and accomplishment with sharing in a perfectly struck golf shot.

My teaching philosophy is one of focusing on the basic fundamentals and applying the correct sequence of movements throughout the swing.  It has evolved through my time spent with different Golf Professionals, as well as my own experiences teaching.  Time spent discussing the students immediate and long term goals are crucial.  After watching some shots, I will discuss one idea or correction that needs to be made, with intentions on keeping our time together simple.  It is important that the student understands these concepts, and is shown physically or through the use of video equipment the positions they are achieving.  Once an incorrect sequence is identified, I will physically put the student in the proper positions or provide them with a drill that directly addresses the new physical movement.  I feel it is important to move very slowly when learning a new physical movement.  A teacher must be patient and stay dedicated to the change that is being made.  In conclusion, an overview of the lesson will be discussed, so there is no confusion in the student’s mind as to what we changed, why the change is important, and how to change it through physical movement.

It is our responsibility as ambassadors for the game to promote, teach, and facilitate better golf each day.  I am excited to have an opportunity to coach the game of golf and it is important to involve the members and guests in an instructional program of some kind." 

Lesson Prices & Packages:

Individual 1 Hour Adult Lesson - $60.00
Individual 1/2 Hour Adult Lesson - $30.00
Individual 1 Hour Junior Lesson - $50.00
Individual 1/2 Hour Junior Lesson - $25.00

Special Lesson Package:

Purchase Four 1 Hour Lessons up front and get the Fifth Lesson for Free!  Please contact the golf shop to book your lessons.