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The Masters

If most of you are like me, the Masters is the most anticipated golf tournament of the year. Yes, the other majors are special in their own right and thrilling to watch, but there is no tournament in golf that can compare to the excitement and build up that the Masters provides. I understand that there may be a few who would like to negate this comment or try to justify why other tournaments could be in the conversation, but please stick with me for just a moment.

When you think of Augusta National, what are some of the first things that come to mind? Immaculate course conditions, the azaleas, or lightning fast greens maybe, how about Spring and an unbelievable start to the golf season. Perhaps more than anything, the buildup and excitement that leads to the Masters also correlates to the excitement and build up to the start of the golf season. Held at the absolute perfect time of the year, there is nothing that pumps me up for the season more than seeing the awesome venue, unbelievable weather, and tremendous play. Of course, there are countless upon countless reasons that the Masters sticks out in everyone’s mind like the tradition, the historic shots replayed over and over, Amen corner, Jack’s comeback, one of my personal favorites the egg salad sandwiches, and the simplicity of the tournament, but no one can argue that the Masters doesn’t make you want to play golf.

Luckily for us, the snow is melting at a tremendous rate and things are looking good for the course to be open within two weeks! Please stick up to date on our website, Facebook, and Twitter for opening dates and check your email regularly, because as soon as I know when the course will open you will! Lastly, everyone please take my advice.... get comfortable, make yourself an egg salad or pimento cheese sandwich, grab a lemonade, and enjoy the Masters!!!!!