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Tuesday Night Golf League



The Tuesday Night League will commence on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 and end September 8, 2015.


Each Tuesday, participants will compete in a 9-Hole Net Stroke Play event.

Each week, the lowest 9-hole net score will be awarded 1st place. In addition, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded each week. Should a tie occur, the players shall split the appropriate prize money. For example, if there is a tie for first place between two players, the 1st and 2nd place prize for the week will be combined and split between the two players.

Over the course of the Tuesday Night League season, participants will compete in an overall cumulative season competition. In order to be eligible for the season competition, each participant must submit at least five (5) 9-hole scores. Only a participant’s five (5) best scores will count toward their cumulative total. An illustration of the season "leaderboard" can be found on page 3. Note: A similar version of this table will be posted weekly in the golf shop.

Players, who do NOT post the minimum five (5) scores, will not be eligible for the playoffs.

Upon completion of the regular season (weeks 1-10), the sixteen (16) players with the lowest cumulative season scores, will compete in "post-season playoffs." The format of the playoffs will be Net Stroke Play Matches. For example, each player will face-off against one other player and play 9-holes using the Net Stroke Play format (consistent with the season format). The player in the "match" who submits a lower Net Stroke Play score for the 9-holes advances. An illustration of the playoff match tree can be found on page 4.

Each week an entry fee of $10 per player will be required. Each week the entry fee pool/prize pool will be allocated in the following manner:
1st Place: 50% 2nd Place: 25% 3rd Place: 10% Season: 15%

The last four (4) weeks of the league season will be devoted to the Playoffs. During the playoffs, the remaining league participants who have not made the playoffs will continue playing a weekly Net Stroke Play 9-Hole competition.

All league play will be on the Front Nine. This will ensure consistency and ease for the starter, etc. and help eliminate confusion and conflict. Maroon tee play is encouraged during the league. Black or White tee play is permitted during regular season play and handicaps will be adjusted accordingly. During the playoffs, white tees are mandatory.

The handicap used will be the USGA recommended handicap level for this format. This handicap level will also be applied to the "Playoffs."

In the event of a tie for "playoff-spots," at the conclusion of the regular season, the last score submitted counting towards your best 5-scores will be the deciding factor. For example, if two (2) players are tied at +5, and Player A submitted a NET 36 as their 5th score and Player B submitted a NET 35 as their 5th score, Player B will advance to the playoffs. This will ensure that each player has the opportunity to get into the "playoffs" on their last round.

In the event of a tie during the playoffs, sudden death play will commence starting at the first hole. Handicaps apply on a hole-to-hole basis.

During the playoffs, the $10 entry fee each week will apply for the players remaining (with exception to the Finals) All of the funds gathered during this period will be allocated to the playoff prize pool. The entire playoff prize pool (regular season pool + playoff pool) will be allocated in the following manner:

65% Champion 35% Runner-up