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Tyler Cowen, First Assistant Golf Professional, Seven Oaks Golf Club at Colgate University

Tyler Cowen

First Assistant Golf Professional

Tyler is the First Assistant Golf Professional at Seven Oaks Golf Club. He is responsible for tournament operations, teaching and coaching, as well as many other aspects of the golf operation. He began at Seven Oaks in 2018 working outside operations’ and became an assistant golf professional the following year.

During the offseason, Tyler works at one of the premiere golf clubs in South Florida. Tyler was born and raised in upstate New York where his passion for the game developed while playing with his father and grandfather. He maintained that passion throughout high school and college. After earning an Associate’s Degree in Sports Management, he developed a deep interest in the game and decided to pursue a career in the industry. Tyler is currently enrolled in the PGA PGM Associate Program studying to become a PGA member. With a strong passion for the golf swing, passing his knowledge along to his students is one of his main goals, along with, growing the game and making golf more enjoyable for all.


Every golfer, regardless of physical ability, is capable of developing an effective, repeatable golf swing. My goal as an instructor is not to create a “perfect” golf swing, but to work with the strengths of each individual to develop a swing that allows them to reach their goals as a player. These goals may vary from learning the basics of the game, developing a swing that you can bring out on the golf course, or making a change to your current golf swing to increase efficiency. Every effective golf swing starts with solid fundamentals which include grip, posture, ball position, and alignment. Once these are mastered, we can move into hitting shots, focusing on how the body and arms are working to create powerful accurate golf shots. Using video feedback, areas of improvement will be identified and we can begin to discuss ways in which to improve these areas. Improvements can be made in the form of drills specific to the area that we are trying to improve or by putting the player in the positions necessary to improve the swing. I find that it is most beneficial to work on one new drill, or one new feel per meeting to keep things simple and avoid confusion. Players must understand that learning the golf swing, or changing the golf swing in order to improve takes time, repetition, and patience in order to see the changes come to fruition on the golf course.


1 Hour Long Lesson and Series

  • Single Hour Lesson - $70
  • Five Hour Lessons - $280

1/2 Hour Long Lesson and Series

  • Single 1/2 Hour Lesson - $35
  • Five 1/2 Hour Lessons - $140

Junior Lessons

  • 45 Minute Lesson: $40
  • Five Junior Lessons: $160